Livestock Vitamin & Mineral Supplement


Feed Supplements


Dosage and Mode of Administration:

Dairy cattle: During the livestock period, 20 kg per ton feed or 100-150 g per livestock per day.
Sheep & Goat : 20 to 30 g per day per head during grower .
Young calves: 60 g daily until 8 months of age and 8 months later, daily 100-150 g body weight.

Composition: Each kg   contains:


Unit Amount Ingredients
IU 500.000 Vitamin A(Retinyl Acetate)
IU 100.000 Vitamin D3(cholecalciferyl)
mg 100 Vitamin E (Dl-α – Tocopheryl Acetate)
mg 180.000 Ca (Calcium Carbonate)
mg 90.000 P (Dicalcium  Phosphate)
mg 55000 Na (Sodium Chloride)
mg 19000 Mg (Magnesium Oxide)
mg 3000 Fe (Ferrous Sulfate)
mg 300 Cu (Copper Sulfate)
mg 2000 Mn (Manganese Oxide)
mg 3000 Zn (Zinc Oxide)
mg 100 Co (Cobalt Sulfate)
mg 100 I (Calcium Iodate)
mg 1 S(Sodium selenite)
mg 400 Antioxidant
1000 g Excipient q.s.   to
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