Dr. Yousef Babashzadeh

Chairman of the board – CEO

Dr. Yousef Babashzadeh was born in 1331 in Astara. He completed his primary and secondary education in Tehran and continued his postgraduate studies in veterinary medicine at the University of Tehran. In 1978, he succeeded in obtaining a doctorate with honors in this field. He has written his dissertation on the safety of vaccination against infectious bronchitis in broilers.
Dr. 1981 Babashzadeh and Partners established the Iranian Pharmacists Production Laboratories Company in 1981 with the aim of producing various drugs and food supplements for livestock, poultry and aquatic animals
In all these years, he was not unaware from improving the core knowledge level, training staff and increasing specialized skills and knowledge with
tireless and purposeful spirit along with executive responsibilities and many efforts to promote the company and increase the market share of pharmaceutical products in the veterinary industry,
Despite 40 years of practical experience, he constantly updates his knowledge with modern technology through study, research and attending training courses, conferences and workshops, both domestic and foreign.

• Some approved training courses:
• Executive Management Course (for 6 months), Industrial Management Organization, 1988
• Senior Executive Management Course (for 2 years), Industrial Management Organization, 1991
• Quality control during production in IPQC pharmaceutical industry, Rahavaran Afagh Sanat Institute, 2011
• Principles of formulation of tablets and capsules and types of granulation methods, Rahavaran Afagh Sanat Institute, 2011
• Validation of cleaning operations in the pharmaceutical industry Cleaning Validation, Rahavaran Afagh Sanat Institute, 2011
• Marketing and sales during the recession, Tehran Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Mines, 2012
• Third World Advertising Forum, Tehran Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Mines, 2012
• Analysis of Economic Opportunities, Investment and Commerce, University of Tehran, 2013
• 10th International Conference of Ecommerce and Investment Opportunities in Arabic and Islamic Countries , ENN complex,2006.
• The Third World Advertising Forum , Ogilvy Advertising , 2011.
• First Int‘I Conference On Sales & Marketing at Recession, 20011.
• National Confrens In Agriculture &Animal Husbandry , QAL Academy ,2013.