A.T. Darusazan Iran Co was established in 1981 with the purpose of livestock, aquatic and poultry medicine and feed supplements production. In 1984 the company went through a major renovation and reconstruction of the manufacturing buildings, installation of new machinery, construction of new and modern laboratories all equipped with machines purchased from The United States, Germany, Switzerland, France and other European countries. Shortly after, the production of veterinary medicinal products including antibiotics and coccidiostat started at A.T. Darusazan Iran Co with all commodities imported from well-known companies such as Roche, Dox-al, Merck Sharp & Dohme.

A.T. Darusazan Iran Co has always been well-equipped with the most advanced quality control machinery and highly educated R & D specialists in the field of veterinary nutrition and medicine, resulting in producing superior products highly rated by our clients.

In 2005 A.T. Darusazan Iran Co was certified with ISO 9001:2008. The certificate was then upgraded to ISO 9001:2015 in 2017. Moreover In January 2012 A.T. Darusazan Iran Co was certified with TÜV NORD certification in designing livestock and poultry medicine and feed supplements.

Since 2010, this company has been optimizing its production lines in order to promote GMP principles, approved and under the supervision of the Veterinary Organization of Iran, and is constantly updating according to the principles of current production optimization (C GMP).

In 2012 A.T. Darusazan Iran Co achieved TÜV NORD’s GMP certification after almost 20 months of operation to convert production halls, storage rooms and corridors to clean rooms, installing air ventilation and air filtration, flat panel sandwich on walls and ceilings, granite flooring, thermostats, atmospheric pressure and humidity meters, light and sound level meters, electricity current and ampere control devices, high-capacity and high-speed mixers, powder transfer machines in height and length … meeting GMP’s guidelines. A.T. Darusazan Iran Co is proud to be the first pharmaceutical company that achieved TÜV NORD’s GMP certification country wide.

This company has a quality management system for its products.

In 2012, A.T. Darusazan Iran Co managed to obtain a nation-wide distribution permit, consequently the company started to expand its product lines to enzymes, feed additives and disinfectants. These product lines will be launched to the market in the near future.

The production lines at A.T. Darusazan Iran Co utilizes the most advanced and modern machines manufactured by the most well-known companies. Following are the products produced by these production lines:

● Coccidiostat production line equipped with modern and automatic machinery
● Antibiotics and powder vitamins production line recently upgraded to modern and automatic machinery
● Antibiotics, multi-vitamins, minerals and amino-acid syrups production line recently upgraded to accommodate production of substantial volumes
● Feed supplements and single vitamin production line for livestock, poultry and aquatic. Due to high demand this line as well has been upgraded to stainless steel modern machinery to accommodate production of substantial volumes
● In the near future A.T. Darusazan Iran Co will launch a disinfectant production line, for this purpose new production buildings have been built and installation of new machinery is in progress
● Chemical and microbial quality control laboratories are equipped with the most advanced HPLC and atomic absorption devices.
● The commodities warehouse has also been converted to cold room in accordance with condition monitoring standards

At the end it is worth mentioning that more than 50% of the head quarter and production staff at A.T. Darusazan Iran Co have post-secondary education and more than 40% of the staff have masters/PhD degrees.